Our Research

Our group investigates regulation of immune responses by human tissue resident dendritic cells using a comprehensive systems immunology approach: in silico modelling of transcriptomic networks leading to identification and perturbation of molecular switches.

Here you can find updates on our latest research and publications:

Genomic programming of IRF4-expressing human Langerhans cells (2020)

Resolving cellular systems by ultra-sensitive and economical single-cell transcriptome filtering (2019)

Machine learning applied to atopic dermatitis transcriptome reveals distinct therapy-dependent modification of the keratinocyte immunophenotype (2019)

Single cell transcriptomic analysis identifies Langerhans cells immunocompetency is critical for IDO1- dependent ability to induce tolerogenic T cells. (2019)

A graphical and computational modeling platform for biological pathways (2018)

Petri Net computational modelling of Langerhans cell Interferon Regulatory Factor Network predicts their role in T cell activation (2017)

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