Dr James Davies

I started my PhD project in the Systems Immunology Group in 2016, after completing my undergraduate Medical Microbiology degree at the University of Bristol. My PhD project investigates the regulation of immune tolerance by Langerhans cells at the human epidermis, with the aim of identifying the gene regulatory networks determining Langerhans cell tolerance induction. To investigate this, I have been utilising single cell RNA-sequencing (Drop-seq) and mathematical modelling.

Since finishing his PhD, James has taken up a position at University College London as a Research Fellow.

Below you can listen to James’ expericences of the Systems Immunology Group and University of Southampton.

Dr Kalum Clayton

Kalum joined the Systems Immunology Group in 2016. He recently completed his PhD, in which he used machine learning techniques to deconvolute transcriptomic data from human epidermal cells in both healthy and diseased skin.

He will shortly be starting his first postdoc position at The Francis Crick Institute.

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